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These men would tell me things that were untrue and I would count ceiling tiles while they fumbled around in the wrong ZIP code, if you know what I mean. Instead of correcting them, I just nodded and faked my share of orgasms because I prioritized men feeling comfortable over my own sexual pleasure. Studies tell us that up to 67 percent of women who have experienced penile-vaginal intercourse have faked orgasms.

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In our postmodern, porn-obsessed culture, vaginas appear to be everywhere, literally or symbolically but, crucially, they are as silenced as they are objectified. The Vagina: A Literary and Cultural History examines the paradox of female genitalia through five fields of artistic expression: literature, film, TV, visual, and performance art. That is, what happens when the female body refuses to be pathologized, eroticized, or rendered subordinate to the will or intention of another?

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The company said plans for a blimp to be tethered in Festival Square were also scuppered by the local council. There's still time to LetFannyFly over the Fringe. Let her soar!

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For much of human history, the vagina has been to some extent a taboo subject — if not entirely unspeakable, then certainly not something to discuss openly. He also believed that it was drawn to fragrant smells, such that a physician could lure it back into place by presenting the vagina with pleasant scents. And so it has gone for the vagina — its history is rife with myth, misunderstanding, and mistreatment.

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The founders of the Vagina Museum want to get women talking about their vaginas. In keeping with its mission to break down taboos, it founders are crowd-funding by promising supporters the chance to win crocheted clitorises in exchange for donations. The founders believe it's time for a museum dedicated to vaginas after learning in about the existence of one dedicated to penises.

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They're "trending". It promises to be gender inclusive and intersectional. Entrance will be free.

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Our private parts are no longer quite so private, it seems, especially when it comes to beauty and wellness. The vagina has come back into focus, not only how to groom it and present it, but how we look after it. Yet, despite this new-found openness to discuss anything and everything to do with V-care, there are still plenty of us who are unable to identify the basic architecture of the vagina.

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But, according to Lynn Enright, author of Vagina: A re-education, this taboo is damaging to women. It means that over half of us don't know what's normal when it comes to our own anatomy. Lynn tells us why it is important to overcome the stigma around vaginas, and explains what's normal down there

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The new movement Legalize V wants you to throw slang terms like "hoo-ha" and "down there" out the window. Because your anatomy shouldn't be considered a dirty word. It's likely that when you were little you were taught to use 'nicer' euphemisms for your vagina like 'private parts' or 'girly bits'.

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It is often represented as a symbol of a spearheada rhombus standing on one of its sharper points with a vertical line in the middle, representing a vulva. The meaning is clear for most CzechsSlovaks and Hungarians. In some other languages it has other spellings e. Drawing this symbol is considered a tabooor at least unaccepted by mainstream society.


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